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1.There is little sand sticked to the internal part since it is made in the Japanese style of high speed revolution.
2.Replacement of worn-out mixer casing is smooth. (In case of Richard and Omega  It is one body type impossible to replace In case of INI Steel, it is altered in Korea Foundry Service Co. - 4 sets)


3.Resin and hardening agent has no influence to the pump and is possible to supply constant quantity since 3-way valve is used. (Stop valve of other companies often malfunctions)


4.It is more excellent in lifetime by more than 3 ~ 5 times of conventional wear-proof steel since the material for blade is made of sintered hard alloy.(Replacement in 6 ~ 12 months)


5.It is not necessary to replace bearing during 1 ~ 2 years since in the front and the rear of the mixer is closed type precision bearings in the machined housing, which is not conventional UCF type.


6.In case o f furan process, it has extremely excellent anti-corrosion and wear-proof by hardening agent since the casing is made of stainless steel.
7. It is easy to clean internal part compared with conventional type since mixing covers of both side are pull and open type.


8. It is possible to use by making supply of resin and hardening agent to keep in the memory within the wide range from 1 to 8 steps using external select switch of the panel.
9.Pump for hardening agent made of titanium manufactured in Viton type is wear-proof against sulfuric acid is able to supply constant quantity and use semi-permanently. - Disassembly drawing of mixer
10.Use of a separatedly attached pump able to supply water as neutralizing agent in the cleaning function in case of -SET.